Whats my IP Address?

MY IP Tool tells you your IP Address Bound with each request sent from your computer. Your IP helps websites and services you are accessing to track your location and keep track of your activity on the internet. It is your internet identity, which exposes to every service you access via the internet.

Your IP Address is:

About IP Address Lookup Tool

IP Address holds an essential place with regards to using the internet. IP Address is a combination of digits of four sets each set separated by a dot. The starting and ending range of each set is from 0 to 255, and this vast option of a combination of digits gives access to a generation of millions and millions of unique IP Address which are used to assign to internet users. Each user who connects to the internet uses some IP which exposes to every service you use via the internet..

Importance of an IP Address

IP Address is the essential element of the internet. Without an IP Address, the internet cannot survive. It came into discovery with the invention of networking and the internet. IP Address is the identity of the machines connected via the internet, and every machine which sends an external request to any service via the internet identifies itself with IP Address to send and receive any data. The websites and online services identify the user by their IP and decide whether to allow them to access their website or block access to their website based on spammy or malicious activity. In this way, IP Address serves as security essential for online services to get rid of attackers and spammers by merely identifying the IP and blocking their access.

IP Address is for machines, and not for Humans

Every user who connects to the internet has some IP which their ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns to them. This IP changes whenever you connect to a different WIFI or different place. It means that your public IP Address changes whenever you connect your device to another WIFI spot or another internet modem. Hence it proves that IP Address is for Devices, not for Humans

Is my IP Address Trackable?

Yes, your ISP sends your IP Address with every request sent from your computer to any online service, either its a website or a software download or any chat application. Anyone to whom your computer connects via the internet knows your IP Address, and there is no way to avoid sending your IP to anyone.

Is my Home or Office Address Trackable by using my IP Address?

It is very difficult but possible. If someone knows your IP Address and also gathers your address from you via an online form, then they can track you quickly, but there is no other way to reach the exact location of the internet user until or unless you are using your computer from your ISP's premises. Because, tracking an internet user' location is possible, but the location tools give estimated data about location, and that estimated data is the location of your ISP through which you connect to the internet.

Can anyone see my personal information based on my IP Address?

No one can see your personal information, e.g., name, age, address, and contact number with an IP lookup. Because the IP Location Lookup only tells your country, state, city, ISP, Latitude, and Longitude, and more info other than your personal info.

Is my IP Address Location Lookupable with my IP?

Yes, anyone who knows your IP can locate you by an IP Location Lookup online tool. Your IP exposes your geolocation, country, city, state, and latitude and longitude, and based on your latitude and longitude; several geolocation services tell your estimated location.

Can I Hide my IP?

Yes, various Proxies and VPNs available in the market allows you to hide your internet identity by connecting to a VPN or a proxy service. The VPN services allow you to connect to them and route all of your machine's traffic through their internet connection. After connecting to proxy or VPN, your computer sends each external network request to firstly the proxy or VPN, and your proxy or VPN mirrors your request to the end server or service and responds with the response data from the end server.